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A Phone With Personality

Chances are, you've heard plenty already about the Android phone and it's operating system, but have you heard of an Elfroid? Although I'm not entirely certain what sort of relevance this really has to well, anything, but it amused me.

The Elfroid is a phone currently being developed in Japan to resemble a tiny human being. The phone wiggles throughout the duration of your conversation, and speaks to you in the voice of whoever is on the other line. When you have an incoming call, the device tickles you, and is also built with a coating designed to mimic the feel of real human skin. Those Japanese.

It sort of reminds of a homunculus.

There's more on the Elfroid at and


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  1. Disquieting…

  2. Haha, I can’t decide if I want one, or if I’m afraid I’d wake up one night to find it sitting on top of me with a knife.

  3. Think about the mobile, who can’t sleep the night because he fears you want to throw him away…

  4. Haha, true.

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