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Top Universities Offer Free On-line Courses

I realize the title sounds a bit spammy. Apologies for that. But it's true: Some of the premiere universities in the United States (and abroad?) are offering coursework for free. You won't get a grade or a degree, but you'll get an education! And you don't have to pay!

I was thinking about brushing up on the sciences and ethics. Mostly, you know, so I can write more believable biopunk. Here are a few that caught my attention:

Foundations of American Cyberculture (Berkeley). Since biopunk is often packaged together with cyberpunk, I thought this was relevant. And it looks interesting. (Cyberpunk was my first love, for anyone who's questioned my allegiances. ^_~)

Medical Ethics (Notre Dame).

The Nature of Mind (Berkeley).

Animal Behavior (Berkeley and MIT).

Behavioral Endocrinology (Johns Hopkins).

Biochemistry (Carnegie Mellon).

Bioscience in the 21st Century (Lehigh).

Brain Structure and Its Origins (MIT).

Darwin's Legacy (Stanford).

Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior (Yale).

Frontiers in Biomedical Engineering (Yale).

General Biology 1 (John Hopkins and Berkeley).

General Biology 2 (Berkeley).

Molecular and Cell Biology (Berkeley).

General Human Anatomy (Berkeley).

Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Agriculture, and Law (UCLA).

Genetics (UCLA and Berkeley).

Genomes and Diversity (New York University).

Global Problems of Population Growth (Yale).

Human Behavioral Biology (Stanford).

Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering (Stanford).

Straight Talk About Stem Cells (Stanford).

The Future of Human Health (Stanford).

Full list of all free courses is here. Happy studies!


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  1. Really interesting! Thank you Christine for the links.

    Let me suggest you the site:

    Where you can find many free books regarding science, biology etc…

  2. Wow, what a great resource! I can see a bunch of courses I wouldn’t mind taking.

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